‘Twas the last day of term….

‘Twas the last day of term and all through the school, most had gone home except one lonely mule.

The autumn analysis had all gone to pot, “I’ll have to redo it, the whole bloody lot.”

The children were giddy and hard to control, their ears waited eagerly for the last bell to toll. Staff room conversations turned to talk of mince pies and beer, as the last bell of the year rang out loud and clear.

But the data manager alone would have to stay behind, to complete the analysis before the Christmas unwind.
“There must be something more, something better than this, a spreadsheet so large, mistakes were easy to miss!”

Eventually he conceded and went home to his wife, Tired and generally fed up with his data life.
He prayed for a solution to cure his analysis woes, without even realising, the answer was right under his nose.

The following day refreshed and restored, He took to the net for his worries to be cured.
He clicked on a link for SISRA Online, and then sweetly exclaimed “This must be a sign!”

Right-click, save to favourites,Right-click, ctrl + C,
Compose new email message,Recipients, SLT.

He quickly pressed send, his heart thumping fast,The answer to his prayers had come to him at last.
SISRA Online could do so much more,Than the spreadsheet which had made his job such a bore.

The first question back came straight from the Head,Saying why can’t we stick with our spread sheet instead?
“Our teachers need something that’s easy to use,This will help them use data, and not just confuse!”

The head came quickly back with questions about cost,For admissions were down and funding had been lost.
Formalities were discussed, and the Head agreed,That it would save him time and allow him to lead.

A quick call to SISRA, and the demo was booked,SLT gathered round and within minutes they were hooked.
Why have we been drowning in the data abyss,While 1200 schools were accessing all of this!

The data manager waited patiently to hear,And read review after review on the Twittersphere.
Praise was abundant and case studies noted,But none of that mattered until SLT had voted.

As the new message tone chimed out from the laptop,An email displayed from the man at the top.
He waited for a moment before taking a seat,If they had decided in favour, his life would be complete.

“Merry Christmas to You” the email subject read,The recipient pinched himself as he saw what it said,
Our gift to you, is way over time, But here is your login for SISRA Online.


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